[Verified] Best Places to Buy WoW Classic Gold


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Mar 11, 2021
Whether you are a new player looking to buy World of Warcraft classic gold online for the first time or a frequent customer looking for even better deals, this list runs down the 5 best sellers that are racking up orders and excellent rating reviews among Western gamers.

Reliability is a trait that is quite hard to find when buying World of Warcraft gold, but MMORPGMALL seems to deliver it in spades, which has helped push the Canadian seller to the top of the satisfaction rankings at MMORPGMALL with a 9.9/10 rating.

Delivery speed is relatively fast with the most orders fulfilled within 24 hours, and a big chunk of those satisfied within an hour or faster. Customers get the option to pick up their gold based on their convenience, choosing from face-to-face transfer, game inbox delivery, to auction house transactions.

If for any reason you want to get your money back through a refund such as the odd times when you may get a slower-than-usual delivery, then you can simply ask so. Many sites also advertise a full refund policy but InGameDelivery is one of the few that actually tries to return your money without making you jump through a ring of fire (although there will still be a processing time.) Customer service is similarly excellent and is not surprising given that the company is based in Canada and has access to superior English-speaking support agents.

It does seem like MMORPGMALL.COM rises above most other sellers in delivery speed and customer support, but this does come with a cost: Its World of Warcraft Gold prices are the second-most expensive in this list with a selling rate of US$19.91 per 50,000 World of Warcraft gold on Aegwynn Alliance server. But the premium appears to be something that many customers are gladly paying to get superior service.

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