Oblige trading-servers to notify their Users when they change their ToS


New member
Mar 15, 2021
Simple suggestion but absolutely necessary. Inspired by this dispute: PVM Services - Poor Trading Practices

-Atm there's a consent-obligation, meaning that ToS only apply when Users explicitly consent to them.
-A way to get around this is to change the ToS at any given time after a specific User has consented to them. The ToS-post just shows the info 'edited', but does not show when this info has been edited, therefore there is no way to know whether the User has been able to explicitly agree to the changes (as it's unclear whether he toggled accept prior or post the changes).

My server has the following construction to deal with this issue:
-Whenever ToS are changed, I delete the previous ToS-post and post the new version. Discord then shows when the new ToS is posted. Because this is an unedited new post, there is no way that this has been modified from the moment it has been posted and it should thus apply to anyone who toggled consent after it was explicitly posted.
-I notify in announcements what changed and tag everyone. In addition, I notify everyone personally who has an ongoing ticket.

This is my construction, but other constructions are obviously are also possible. For instance, servers can ask their Users to re-toggle the new ToS.

Suggestion: The main point is that Users should be made aware of what changed (in the sense of their rights) by the Server. In addition, when a ToS-post shows 'edited', it should always be the server's burden of proof to show that the User explicitly agreed to the applicable newestprovisions, as they have the freedom to edit them at any given moment in time.