The Official WowGoldStore Rules


Staff member
Mar 11, 2021
A reminder from WowGoldStore administration: We make a best effort to ensure that the person using a WowGoldStore account is the original owner of that account, but can never be certain. It is your responsibility to establish the identity of the people you trade with to your satisfaction. We are not responsible for any loss or injury caused by use of our site.

This is how it works here at WowGoldStore:
  • Users will be given infractions when minor rules are broken
    • Infractions expire after 1 month.
    • A user who receives 5 infractions will receive a 3 day ban.
    • A user who receives 7 infractions will receive a 7 day ban.
  • Users will have more severe punishments as outlined below when major rules are broken.
  • If a user commits any unconscionable act not explicitly in the rules, or has repeatedly broken rules, the staff reserves the right to punish the user in any way.